A Visionary. 1973-2020




Tony’s kindness and generosity touched the lives of everyone around him.


The complexity and brilliance of Tony Hsieh: a personal appreciation

When is the right time to assess a founder’s legacy? If we had assessed Mark Zuckerberg’s impact on the world five years ago, it would have looked much different than today. And if we were to assess Zuckerberg’s impact in yet another five, ten, or twenty years, it again could look very different. What if the coda to Jeff Bezos’s story had been that time he built an online bookstore? 

The Leadership and Artistry of Tony Hsieh

The shocking loss of Tony Hsieh, a legendary internet entrepreneur and management thinker, has inspired an outpouring of affection and remembrances. One particularly insightful tribute came from another much-admired innovator. Jason Fried, cofounder and CEO of Basecamp, tweeted out a message that captured what made Tony so special — and, to me, so complicated to explain. “From the first moment I met him, he surprised me,” Fried wrote. “He was an artist with a CEO title. … A model for how to live. He was a wonder.”


Tony Hsieh was more than a successful CEO — he was also a giver, community builder, and visionary ahead of his time

The outpouring of love for former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh since his tragic passing on November 27 is astounding. We lost an incredibly bright light and one of the boldest visionaries of our time far too early.

"The tapestry we each weave in life, extending all around us, is always farther reaching than we know — but Tony's was enormous, impacting so many," Jen Consalvo, an entrepreneur who helped build out the tech scene in support of Hsieh's $350 million Las Vegas Downtown Project, shared with me over the weekend. She and her husband, Frank Gruber, had been neighbors and business partners with Hsieh for nearly a decade.